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Show Off Your Skills, Get Hired.

A fresher looking for a job, or a professional looking for a change? Get inspired to build something real and get shortlisted by product companies

Inspired by our past hiring experiences as developers and recruiters, CoderIQ is a platform which focuses on quality developers meeting high quality jobs.

But how does it work?

Engage in Real-life Projects

Choose from a list of pre-configured real-world projects in a framework of your choice. The more projects you submit, the better your skills get.

Get Feedback on Your Projects

CoderIQ believes that the core value of a quality developer is problem-solving, efficiency and excellence of the output. Hence we check each project you submitted personally and give feedback on them.

Seamless Deployment & Sharing

No need to install any framework deployment application. Deploy and run your project with our online emulator. You even get a direct link to your project which you can add to your portfolio.

Unlock Employment Opportunities

Prove your developing skills in the CoderIQ projects, develop skills, and get in front of the line for well-paying job opportunities with just a click. No frills attached.

Have any doubts or want to know anything specific?
Write to us at ashish@coderiq.io or just send us a message and we shall get back to you in no time!
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