Learn, Build, Show off your software portfolio

CoderIQ inspires you to learn new technologies and build a portfolio of impressive applications, so you can show off your skills with a series of real-world projects. 

Use our data sources, training blogs and documented source code to build something cool.

Engage in Real-life Projects

Choose from a list of pre-configured real-world projects in a framework of your choice. The more projects you submit, the better your skills get.

Train from our blogs and source code

 We want you to succeed. Use our series of tutorial blogs and documented source code explaining the step by step process of architecting webapps

Seamless Deployment & Sharing

Use our easy deployment tools to host your portfolio and share your profile with those who matter

Unlock Employment Opportunities

Prove your developer skills and get in front of the line for well-paying job opportunities with just a click. No frills attached.

Have any doubts or want to know anything specific?
Write to us at contactus@coderiq.io or just send us a message and we shall get back to you in no time!
Who are you?

About Us

CoderIQ is built by a team of recruiting engineers who believe in inspiring young engineering talent to show off their skills. We understand the challenges developers face while building something new and wanted to help young talent expose themselves to the world.

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